The Legend of the Perfect Beard

O29pdxN - ImgurIn every person there is an itching desire for perfection. The perfect life, perfect beauty, perfect relationships, the perfect job, and above all…the perfect beard. The perfect beard is elusive, like spotting a ghost, its legendary, like the fountain of youth, and it’s magical, like sirens, but deadly, also like sirens. Many people think that they have seen the perfect beard, but they lie. It every man’s beard therein dwells a flaw, not matter how slight. Some have a patch missing under the chin, others have one side that is thicker than the other. No matter the cause, imperfection is a mark of humanity.

And the perfect beard is a symbol, in the face of our imperfection, a symbol of an idea. This idea dwells in the hearts of men everywhere no matter how deeply hidden. Like a jewel buried deep under ground for safe keeping, but eventually forgotten. That men desire to be a hero, a Robin Hood, an Achilles, a Bruce Wayne. But often we are to frightened, and the beard becomes every man’s courage, his mask, that allows him to become more. More courageous, more selfless, and more determined to stand for what he believes in.

And that is what it is to be man, to be more than yourself, to step up when others won’t, to see the truth and fight for it, no matter the cost. And our beards show us the way, because the beard isn’t just something a man grows, its something a man becomes. It’s an ideology, a philosophy and when it comes down to it, the man who becomes more, no matter how patchy, has a perfect beard.