Miracle Grow For Beards!

vitabeard-475x400-newA new market has arisen in the wake of the newly embraced beard culture of the west: beard fertilizer. This may seem bizarre and unnecessary (perhaps not as unnecessary as facial hair transplant surgery though), but despite what you may or may not consider normal, beard fertilizer is the real deal. In this case study we look to VitaBeard, a dietary supplement said to promote beard growth that, “provides critical nutrients to help your facial hair grow faster and stronger than ever before” (beardvitamin.com). 

This in lieu of our ever expanding study of beard culture, is surely supportive of the claim the beards are a newly booming cultural shift into the affirmative of facial hair among men. Although this is not the first time cultural has swung in favor of the beard, this is the first time that technology has allowed for the trend to be applied in more radical and extreme measures. No longer is the beard club limited to the genetics lottery, but modern men are now able to take control of the situation regardless of the familial gene pool. The same man once called a naked mole rat can now fork over 8,000 dollars for a transplant surgery and take some vitamins and now he is the burliest man in the room. Which naturally leads to the thought of what other modern trends are repeats of past ones and how has technology effected these the degree to which these modern pedigrees trend is exhibited (although this isn’t in the sphere of my blog).

Also what does this say about exclusivity? Has technology made exclusivity dead? Heres is my theory:

Since the dawn of time people have been creating, following, breaking down, and recreating trends. But as Twain said, “History doesn’t repeat it’s self, but it rhymes.” And perhaps technology is just our modern “rhyme” of historical trends.


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