Join the Beard-Wagon!

Here is a video that illustrates (quite effectively) the subculture of bearded men, and how beards are a definitive symbol for social change: Enjoy!

After watching I hope that it is as apparent to you as it is to me that beards are more than meaningless hair, but in fact an intentional affiliation to a specific people group. We observe a bearded fellow go on a journey of rejecting a civilized society that demands him to shave his beard, he goes on a bus ride to a foreign land that see beards a symbol of freedom from civilized/oppressive culture and form a new society. This society in turn revolts against the established society and conquers the opposing territory. This is at the core of the bearded man, the attitude of “what if things were different?” The beards themselves fought off the evil formal culture and gave the men who bore beards superhuman like abilities, which leads to the question: Do beards enhance the wearer of the beard? Could it be that the beard acts to amplify, or set free, the already existing traits within a the non bearded man? It has been shown in multiple studies that beards increase confidence in males and also increase perceived intimidation by others. This group of rejecters of society and empowered individuals ban together, a form a new subculture and form there own set of morals and definition of social norms. At the core of beard culture is the Robin Hood message (the us against them). But the question that sparks my curiosity is thus: Is it societies perception that lumps the bearded folk into a group, or is it fellow beardies who naturally gravitate towards each other to for a subculture? I suppose that it most likely is a combination of the two, but none the less I believe that beards are here to stay until a) the revolutionary spirit is satisfied or b) the revolutionary spirit goes to to its slumber.


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