Old Fellow, Big Heart

beard,blackandwhite,hair,old,portrait,human-3e7daa7743a94bcd4f27066df13b8f00_hThroughout this semester I have had some up’s and downs with my decision for choosing the ever so narrow subject of beards. But just as I feel I am scratching the bottom of the barrel for intriguing information regarding beards and beard culture I find a gem. And I believe this week is a gem. The subject of this post is two part: First, is emotion and beards. It is my belief that beards naturally enhance the emotion of the bearded individual. What I mean is that when someone is angry, and they so happen to have a beard, well then they will most likely look pissed, or if they are happy, with the beard, their jubilant. In other words, beards are an emotion enhancer. To prove this I found some beautiful pictures of old men and beards, which in fact leads me to part two. Beards make for some beautiful photography. At this point I’m pretty convinced that no matter how crappy of a photographer you are if you a shooting a bearded fellow (especially if he is old) it is virtually guaranteed to be a great picture. I’m not quite sure what it is but the each of these pictures just longs for a story to be told and I can’t help but wonder what those stories are. I also can’t help but wonder what each of these bearded brothers looks like without his beard. So as you scroll though these photos just take a second on each one and experience the emotion that person is conveying to you. Try to see what they are thinking. And also be aware of how the beard effects the way you interact with that photo, does it enhance your emotional response? Next week I plan on getting more into the nitty gritty of the beard as an emotion enhancer.

walt-whitman1 unnamed poor-old-man Orthodox-Jews-003 Orthodox-Beard-001 Old+Man+with+beard-1-4 old_man_with_long_beard-t2 homeless-dude-big-beard Big Old Man Beard Book of Beards beard,blackandwhite,hair,old,portrait,human-3e7daa7743a94bcd4f27066df13b8f00_h 102052433


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