A Beard & A Woman

Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome ImagesI suppose it was only a matter of time until I came to this subject. A subject that most are filmier with, but few (very few) are expert in. A subject so subtly taboo and plausibly sexist that none enjoy the discussion. And before I begin dissecting the “Bearded Lady” legends please note that all opinions presented are not final and are subject for future modification.

In the modern scope of gender equality and equal opportunity it seems natural to talk about woman with beards.  Perhaps on not obvious, but natural none the less. As it is, the bearded lady is a pristine example of gender neutrality. Prior to the feminist movement in the late 20th century , bearded women were ofter subject to the entertainment industry, especially the circus. These women were spectacles of entertainment and awe providing audiences everywhere with amusement. But bearded woman aren’t in the fan fair spotlight any more, rather bearded woman aren’t even a blip of the radar of society. They have been removed from a pedestal in the entertainment spotlight and received the isolating sentence of the social blind eye. Why? As I have theorized beards are in fact indicators for altering social norms and females with beards are an extremophile within this subject. So maybe its because in modern society women want to be treated like men in the sphere of capital gains, but looking like them is not on the check list. Or perhaps because society is nervous to discuss the subject of gender androgyny. Or I suppose that it could be that people simply just aren’t amused by bearded woman any more. Whatever the cause I find it fascinating, and it is my hypothesis that the role of the bearded woman in society is that they are a thermometer the take temperature of the society and diagnose the degree of liberalism within it. Whether for good or for bad, bearded woman are more than meets the eye.


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