Plastic Surgery and Crocheted Beards

Indie     Can’t grow a beard? Don’t worry you can crochet one. Or more dramatically you can transplant one. Cultural swings in the outlook of beards have definitely been dramatic, coming from a society where beards are looked down upon and thought of with distaste (unless you are Santa Claus). But it recently the tides of change are in and it seems that the beard will be shortly reaching an almost iconic status in America. Most have seen it on the news recently how beard transplant surgery is becoming popular among young men, despite the cost of a round $8,000, and how this could be the kickoff for the male cosmetic surgery industry. It is highly dubious that beard transplant surgery and crouched beards are trending at the same time by mere coincidence, rather I propose that beards in fact are becoming a standard, instead of the exception, for the general male population. At this moment I am sitting inside a coffee shop downtown and to count there are 9 other men here as well, 7 of which have facial hair (and 1 of the 2 outsiders, it appears, is incapable of growing and facial hair…poor soul). This trend is being taken to such an extent that children are now wearing these bearded beanies. At this rate it is only a matter of time until the feminists pick up on the trend and begin wearing the crocheted patterns and getting their own beard transplants. But what is it about the beard that is becoming so incredibly desirable? Can it be simply aesthetic or something more? Well I believe so, but we will save that for next weeks post, in the mean time theorize and hypothesize.

Below I have gathered a collection of my personal favorite crocheted beards found on the web and hope you enjoy. The types of beard patterns vary from Gandalf (Lord of the rings) to the Vikings, dwarves, and obviously a wide diversity of colors. Enjoy!

LW2655 Kid Red


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