Mischievous Mustached Men

jafar_I remember growing up as a kid, I lived for the weekend. Not even the whole weekend, I lived for Saturday, more specifically Saturday morning cartoons. I remember grudgingly get up each morning for school, but on Saturday I was up with the sun, T.V. turned on and ready for a 6 hour binge of cartoons. When I was little I surely didn’t pay much attention to the cultural nuance’s of norms being presented through the good vs evil stereotypes. But looking back, I can to a sad realization: I was brainwashed to think mustaches are evil. Last week I posted about how Hitler single handed exterminated the toothbrush mustache from the face of the earth (seemingly his only successful extermination). Since then I have been thinking more exclusively about mustaches in respect to mustache March. A lot of my friends are participating this year and have had some interesting remarks in regards to their experiences. For most they are saying that feel more “powerful and more confident”, and I can agree with them as I too have had a mustache (although not currently). Which begs for the obvious questions, “What is it about the stache that makes a man more self-confidence, and could this confidence lead to arrogance, and could this “mustache arrogance” be the first step to becoming a classic supervillian?” (Maybe not so obvious of a question). This question although difficult to prove does have substantial evidence (see the list below):

1. Dick Dastardly


2. Captain Hook


3. Snidely Whiplash 



4. Wario and Waluigi



5. Yosemite Sam

Yosemite Sam

My current theory is that for 21st century culture, mustaches are not the norm, and those who grow a stache are bold enough to go against the norm. Once they have gone against the norm the stached individual now has “skin in the game” and feel a loyalty to their choice. And it could be that this loyalty leads the mustached man into a pride of his anti-cultural ways and thus begins an apathy towards good vs evil. So maybe if our Western world didn’t associate mustaches with being so anarchic more men would have one. I leave you with this thought: Does a supervillian grow a mustache or does a mustache grow a suppervillian?


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