Anti-Toothbrush Culture

Chaplin, Charlie (Circus, The)_01 Facial hair styles come and go, times change, cultures change. But what sparks the change? What is the catalyst that causes the avalanche of social revolution? If all the outputs and all the factors could be derived from one specific location, where would that location be?And more importantly…why is the toothbrush mustache socially illegal!?

During the early 19th this specific flair of facial hair fashion was a rising star amongst beard culture. The Toothbrush was less maintenance and less pizzaz-y then its contemporary styles. Charlie Chaplin was an advocate of the stache in the early 1900’s and it was gaining traction steadily, until Hitler, that is. Shortly after Chaplin’s rise to fame World War II began and the toothbrush lost affiliation with Hollywood and comedy and gain affiliation with Communism and genocide (a sad downgrade). The mustache style began to be known as the “Hitler Stache” and Post-World War II America made it socially taboo to rock it. It has been 70 years since then and the taboo still remains. You would think that with technology creating a cultural speedway of development worldwide that we would quickly transcend such a cultural triviality. But instead the stache-taboo has been further ingrained into, a now, global culture. Its so fascinating that although the amount of facial hair (or style) is irrelevant to the actual character and morals of the man, the way that that man is perceived by those around him (because of his facial hair) changes enormously. The future of the Toothbrush mustache seems bleak at this point as it has become a trademark of Fascism and evil as seen in the graph (see below). Humans ability to personify any and all objects is incredible, but unfortunate when the personification becomes too serious and imbedded into the fabric of the culture. Because at the end of the day we know that the Hitler Stache only has as much meaning as we (culture) let it.



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